Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where's Heather?

Well the “luck of the Irish” must be with us because we somehow made it to Ireland despite the volcano situation in Iceland. Interestingly, we actually considered visiting Iceland on this trip. Hopefully the air ban will be lifted before the 21st so we can make it to Scotland. Right now most flights from Europe are canceled at least through tomorrow at 1:00 a.m. Although there are worst places to be stranded than Dublin!

Our Dublin hotel, Trinity Capital, was quite purple. Seriously, everything was purple or pink – kind of a mecca for Heather. We must be getting old because the time difference is affecting us more than in the past. After sleeping half of the first day away, we were able to drag ourselves out of bed in time to make it to a pub for some traditional Irish food and beer. On Friday we toured the Guinness Brewery and explored the city. Are we the only ones who didn’t realize that the beer company is also responsible for the Guinness Book of World records?

We actually made it out that night, encountering multiple bachelor and bachelorette parties – including the Where’s Waldo themed party above. The first song the band played at Quay’s Pub was Sweet Home Alabama – seriously. And EVERYONE knew all the words.

Yesterday we went on a cool walking tour (no fanny packs or buses involved, we promise) and learned about Irish history. The tour took us to most of the major highlights (Christ Church, Trinity College, etc.).

We are headed out to Cork today. Wish us luck with driving on the wrong side of the road! Hopefully we will master it before we arrive in Scotland and Heather has to drive a manual!

Beers tried so far (somewhat paltry list, we’ll work on this):
• Guinness (required beer for Ireland visit)
• Smithwick’s (another local brew)
• Krombacher (we realize we aren’t in Germany yet)
• Bulmers (technically a cider – this one was for you, Cat!)
• Hersbrucker (local pilsner craft brew from a place called the Porterhouse)
• Paulaner (yup, another German beer)


  1. Wow where is Waldo and is Jonathan still able to stand? Sounds like tons of fun.
    Love you, Mom- those Waldo guys looked creepy.

  2. The Where's Waldo bachelor party is awesome! Smithwicks is one of my favorite beers. I hope you liked it! And I didn't know about the Guinness Beer and Book of World Records link, either. You aren't alone! I'm glad you made it before the eruption. What a way to start your trip!

  3. You guys are going to have so much fun! I'll try to keep up on your blog...very cool. Good luck getting a flight out to Scotland. Man, a volcano over Iceland shutting down most western EU airports? Didn't you guys plan for this?? :-)

  4. I can only imagine how good Cider is at its birthplace!!! I love the Waldo picture and the beard ;)