Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pretty in Pink

We left Dublin on Sunday and drove down to Cork. Luckily, they saved this special pink car for us!

The drive was fairly simple once Jonathan got the hang of driving on the wrong side of the road. Cork is a great town and we would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Ireland. We stayed at a really nice bed and breakfast, Fernroyd House, where the hosting family was a wealth of knowledge on the area. Each morning after breakfast the husband, Tony, sat down with us and helped us plan our day.

On our first night in Cork we got to hear a local band, Arundo, play traditional Irish music. It was really cool! On Monday, we explored Cork and the nearby Blarney Castle – famous for the Blarney Stone. The story goes that if you kiss the stone, you will never again be lost for words. Needless to say, Heather didn’t need to kiss the stone, but Jonathan gave it a try. This is a picture of Blarney House, where the owner of the castle lives.

Today we drove to the Dingle Peninsula – definitely our favorite part of Ireland. It was incredibly beautiful and pristine. The mountains and beaches were deserted, minus the cows and sheep overlooking the coast.

We were supposed to head to Edinburgh tomorrow, but Ryanair canceled all flights until Friday because of the Iceland Volcano. So instead, we are heading up to Belfast to spend the night and then take a ferry to Scotland. We are pretty lucky to be able to use another form of transportation. One of the couples at our B&B was told that they might have to wait until May 6th for a return flight to Chicago!

More Beers:
• Murphy’s (Irish Stout – kind of a knock-off Guinness)
• Beamish (Irish Stout – another Guinness knock-off)
• Carlsberg (just a warm-up for our visit to Denmark next month)

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  1. Pretty in pink looks like an amazing ride! I love the castle everything looks really beautiful. Good choice, makes me want to travel to places other than Dogtown.