Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Perfect Ending

We definitely slacked on posting our last blog – probably because we are in denial about our trip ending! It’s so hard to believe how quickly three months passed by!

Croatia was a perfect place to end our trip! It was incredibly beautiful and actually quite similar to Italy (rocky beaches, lots of pasta, etc.). Although we did venture into the city center of Split one day, most of our time was spent at our resort (Le Meridien Lav) in a town called Podstrana – about 20 minutes south of Split.

Our time in Croatia can be summed up in one word – relaxing. Below are a few of our favorite pictures from the week.

View of the hotel pool and beach (where we spent nearly all of our time):

Enjoying the sun (prior to us both getting sun rashes):

Celebrating Jonathan’s birthday (a delicious dessert compliments of the hotel):

Roman ruins in Split (in the historic city center):

Fruity drinks at the bar (as well as at the pool/beach):

Last night of the trip (at dinner over-looking the coast):

Now that we are back, we’ve been asked quite a few times about our “favorites” on the trip. We really enjoyed every minute of our time in Europe (making it really hard to narrow down "favorites"), but below are a few we’d thought we share.

Favorite Cites/Towns:
• Budapest (Hungary)
• Barcelona (Spain)
• Edinburgh (Scotland)
• Manarola / Cinque Terre (Italy)
• Beilstein (Germany)
• Stockholm (Sweden)

Favorite Activities/Sites:
• Kayaking on Lake Geneva (Switzerland)
• People watching at New Harbor (Denmark)
• Anne Frank House Museum (The Netherlands)
• Wine tasting on the Mosel River (Germany)
• Gaudi architecture (Spain)
• Salvador Dali Museum (Spain)
• Augustiner Braustubl Tavern beer hall/garden (Austria)
• Porgy & Bess Jazz Club (Austria)
• City walking tours (numerous countries)

Favorite Restaurants:
• Les Fines Gueules (France)
• Espai Sucre (Spain)
• Dos Palillos (Spain)
• Bloberger Hof (Austria)
• Pizzeria Starita (Italy)

Favorite Local Foods/Dishes:
• Waffles (Belgium)
• Montanara Neapolitan pizza (Italy)
• Genovese pesto (Italy)
• Langos (Hungary)
• Aelplermagronen (Switzerland)

Favorite Beers:
• Brouwerij ‘t IJ Columbus (The Netherlands)
• La Chouffe (Belgium)
• Pauwel Kwak (Belgium)
• Fraoch – a.k.a. the “Heather” beer (Scotland)
• Jamtlands (Sweden)

Thank you all for following our journey with us! We are excited to catch up with everyone now that we are back! We definitely caught the “travel bug” and are already thinking ahead to our next big trip (although it might be a while)!

Final Beer List:
• Karlovacko Pivo (a Croatian lager)
• Ozujsko Pivo (a Croatian lager)
• Tomislav Pivo (a Croatian dark lager)

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